Five Guys:  Jesus Through the Eyes of the Four Gospel Writers. 

Tuesdays at 2:00 pm or Wednesdays at 7 pm
The Bible contains four stories of the life of Jesus.  The variations in these stories reflect the purposes and perspectives of the writers.  Recognizing these differences are crucial to understanding the message and story of Jesus.  
This study is was first offered by Pastor Stephen Carnahan at the L/A Senior College.  Due to its success, this class was requested again this spring.  It is also being offered at High Street Congregational Church as a Lenten journey.

Author Talk: Call Me American, A Memoir by Abdi Nor Iftin. 

Sunday, March 24th at 6 pm
     The incredible true story of a boy living in war-torn Somalia who escapes to America–first by way of the movies; years later, through a miraculous green card.

     Abdi Nor Iftin first fell in love with America from afar. As a child, he learned English by listening to American pop artists like Michael Jackson and watching films starring action heroes like Arnold Schwarzenegger. When U.S. marines landed in Mogadishu to take on the warlords, Abdi cheered the arrival of these real Americans, who seemed as heroic as those of the movies.
Sporting American clothes and dance moves, he became known around Mogadishu as Abdi American, but when the radical Islamist group al-Shabaab rose to power in 2006, it suddenly became dangerous to celebrate Western culture. Desperate to make a living, Abdi used his language skills to post secret dispatches to NPR and the Internet, which found an audience of worldwide listeners. But as life in Somalia grew more dangerous, Abdi was left with no choice but to flee to Kenya as a refugee.

     In an amazing stroke of luck, Abdi won entrance to the U.S. in the annual visa lottery, though his route to America–filled with twists and turns and a harrowing sequence of events that nearly stranded him in Nairobi–did not come easily. Parts of his story were first heard on the BBC World Service and This American Life. Now a proud resident of Maine, on the path to citizenship, Abdi Nor Iftin’s dramatic, deeply stirring memoir is truly a story for our time: a vivid reminder of why western democracies still beckon to those looking to make a better life.
“A wrenching yet hopeful autobiography… Iftin’s extraordinary saga is not just a journey of self-advancement but a quest to break free from ethnic and sectarian hatreds.”  —Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)
“Riveting… [Abdi Nor Iftin] had to endure famine, war, a precarious life as a refugee, and a visa-rejecting bureaucracy before a green-card lottery win, in 2014, enabled him to emigrate. His narrative is both panoramic and particular, full of irreverent asides, and suffused with appreciation for the humanity of others.”
—The New Yorker

Fabric & Craft Supply Sale  April 6, 9 – 1  

The Parish Guild is busy preparing for this annual sale.  This is, by far, our biggest event of the year with many vendors selling their supplies and leftovers at rock-bottom prices.  There are also thousands of  pounds of beautiful fabric of all types, weights and sizes sold by the bagful! 
This year we also have a large assortment of yarn for knitting and crochet, many knitting needles and crochet hooks, needlepoint patterns and kits, stamping and scrapbooking supplies, beading and jewelry supplies and painting supplies.  
Are you thinking of starting a new hobby?  Come find inexpensive supplies to practice on before investing.
Did you start a new hobby and not care for it as much as you thought you would?  Rent a table and sell your supplies (or donate them for the Guild to sell).  
Are you an ongoing crafter that has just run out of space in your craft room?  Out with the old to make room for the new!  Sell AND shop!  
Whatever your reason, we will see you Saturday, April 6th!

Sit-n-Knit  6:00 pm.  Wednesday evenings (weather permitting).

Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm we will begin a weekly knitting night. Debra Simpson will be teaching the basics and we will start with a basic scarf or you may bring your own projects to work on. We have spare needles and yarn to get you started if you don’t have your own.  

Family Game Night  6:00 pm. Friday, April 6, 2019 

Bring your favorite board game, a snack to share and your sense of fun and adventure and join us for family game night this winter. This is an all-inclusive, friendly evening of wholesome family fun.  This is kid-friendly but if you don’t have kids, feel free to come anyway!  Great snacks, drinks and fun games.  This is a GREAT way to beat the winter blahs. As long as there is interest, we will meet every FIRST FRIDAY of the month. Come join in for some family FUN!


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